The Story of Greg Watertin

Hi! I’m Greg Watertin. I’m a raindrop. Right now I live in the sea. So let’s get to the story. I was just going up to meet the sun (as I usually do) and it got pretty cold. I met with some of my friends and we all bunched together, and well, we formed a cloud. Then we traveled to Delaware (we were in PA). Then we fell and on our way down turned to sleet. I fell on a man’s head. I broke into seven pieces. Then I evaporated again and I went to each continent: Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia. I’ve had great adventures. One time I fell into a tropical jungle and a plant ate me. I yelled for help, but nobody heard me. After I got drunk by the tree, I thought I was a goner. But just then the tree released me. I was so relieved.

In third grade I drew this illustration of the water cycle – Greg Watertin’s travels.