The heart… fragile as glass

Michelle Nass

English 10 Honors

The heart… fragile as glass

Protected just as easily as it is exposed

Longing to love… willing to risk everything

The end comes… a test

Shattering and building the heart

Building wisdom with experience


Shattering… the heart thinks it never will be pieced back together

But it will, undoubtedly, be fixed


Our heart looks to find love

This is what we have been created for

Because we are drawn to love

We are filled with emotion

What we do not know how to express

What we know how to express


We look into the future

The perfect future

Without mistake

Without sin, yet

As humans, we cannot live perfectly

The future holds nothing we can truly predict

For the future, is mystery

We become blinded by infatuation

And believe we have found perfection

Perhaps we have


Riding the wings of life

The wings that carry

And fill us with emotion and experience

All must ride this phoenix

To truly experience life


The future holds many things

Untold greatness will come out of it

Great evil will arise before the end

And then final, complete perfection

Something this universe has never held before

It will last

Will you last?