My Electric Sit-Walk Desk

I have been thinking this summer about how I can improve my workstation, and I ended up deciding that the best upgrades for me this summer included an electric sit-stand desk with memory features, as well as a monitor mount and laptop mount. These options let me have more desk space, have more ergonomic position, and have a variety of positions I can move into through the day to stay comfortable.

[Sep. 23, 2021 update]

Here is a newer video of my desk setup, highlighting a transition from sitting to walking desk.

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I am using the extended range Fully by Jarvis frame attached to the desktop I had for my old desk. The extended range allows me to drop down the desk to just above my legs, this makes for a comfortable, ergonomic typing position where my elbows are relaxed at about 90 degrees at my side. The VIVO monitor arms and Amazon Basics laptop mount keep my screens at an easier to use height, with the top of the primary monitor being about eye-level for me, and the laptop mount not only keeping the laptop screen elevated, but also freeing up more desk space.

David Zhang provided inspiration to me for deciding how to set my desk up. You can see Zhang’s 2019 desk setup overview here. The ergonomics expert Jon Cinkay guided my ergonomic goals here, and Steve Meagher also helped guide my understanding of Ergonomics.

Video I took on August 15, 2020 of my workstation