La Vida Wilderness Expedition Notes Snippet

The first college course I took was a wilderness course with Gordon College called La Vida. Here is a description:

La Vida Wilderness Expeditions. The La Vida program, which fulfills the La Vida, Discovery or Concepts of Wellness physical education requirement, is an intensive 12-day Adirondack wilderness experience. La Vida is specifically designed for first-year students or for transfer students in their first year at Gordon. Leadership, self-discovery, experiential learning, stewardship and character formation are promoted. In the context of a supportive Christian community, students are given the opportunity to explore their physical, mental and spiritual potential. The program includes travel via backpacking, canoeing or kayaking, and activities such as the ropes course, rock climbing, group problem solving, solo experience, group discussions and Bible studies. La Vida Expeditions are offered in May immediately following Commencement, in mid-June and in August prior to new-student orientation. Current students register during early registration in April for the August trip and in November for the May and June trips. First-year students register during summer registration for June, July or August La Vida trips. Contact Rich Obenschain, director of the La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership.

Gordon College Academic Catalog, 2012

Here is the packing list I received for the backpacking venture.

Here is an excerpt from the notes I took on a La Vida wilderness expedition.