Comparing Our Living Expenses with Those Typical in Lancaster County, PA

Kendel Lyn and I will be married on September 26, 2020, and in preparation for our union, we planned what our merged budget will look like. We ended up comparing our projected living expenses to living expenses typical for a Lancaster County Living wage (According to MIT’s Living Wage Calculator for Lancaster County, PA).

Expense Category Amount How We Compare
Food $534 Less
Housing $869 More
Transportation $634 Less
Health $454 Less
Miscellaneous $402 More
Lancaster County Typical Expense for 2 adults, both working, no children, and how we compare.

I was somewhat surprised to see the typical housing cost in Lancaster County for 2 adults with no children at $869. I expected this value to be higher. However, I suppose our apartment is pretty nice. Housing was the only cost and comparison that surprised me however. I already thought we spent less than average on food ( due to my non-processed raw diet and Kendel Lyn’s grocery thrift). I expected our transportation to be lower given that I work from home, and I thought our health expenses would be lower given Franklin & Marshal College’s excellent healthcare plan for their employees. Miscellaneous I also thought would be higher, given that we (especially me), spend a bit more than we need on non-essentials, such as games, books, and decorations.